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Use a Little Common Sense During Your Hot Tub Parties

Picture this: The holidays are over and you’re kicking back with a few close friends in the backyard spa when you notice one of the guys forgot his bathing suit.

No—actually, he prefers to experience the soothing benefits of the hot tub au naturel. And you realize the time is right to once again refresh everyone’s memory on the rules of hot tub etiquette.

Don’t assume nudity is welcome. Instead, ask ahead if you’re thinking of going sans swimsuit, and certainly don’t skimp on your outfit if you would feel awkward sharing a tub with nudes. This is time for relaxation, not for making yourself or your hosts uncomfortable. A little advance notice can make all the difference.

Before coming over, shower away all the lotions, deodorant and other contaminants that create gray foam and can clog up the filter. You’ll want to rinse your bathing suit in clear water beforehand, too, and leave any trace of laundry detergent behind.

In addition to bringing your suit, grab a towel from home. Although your hostess might have some to spare, she’ll appreciate your consideration.

If you’re dealing with a rash or open sores, do everyone a favor and sit this one out.

Before slipping into the tub, stow your electronics at a safe distance. It goes without saying that electrical devices don’t mix with water. (You don’t want to drop your expensive smartphone in the drink, either.) If you’re tempted to snap a few selfies to share on Facebook later, ask people’s permission first. Not everyone appreciates the exposure.

Once settled in, unless this is a date for two, don’t get swept away with passion. Save the nuzzling until later, when you don’t have an audience sharing the space.

Enjoy adult beverages later, as well. Although it sounds tempting to sit back with a glass of wine, alcohol doesn’t mix well with hot temperatures. The effects can be swift and deadly.

Keep kids at a distance and dogs out of the picture. With temperatures often around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, young children shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes in a hot tub and should never be left alone.

As for pets, just say no. It’s not good for them or for the hot tub. And again, never assume it’s OK with your host to share the space with Spot.

With a little consideration and common sense, you and your guests can fully enjoy all a backyard spa offers. Sit back, relax and make it happen.

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